Citizens need to demand a reduction in tax rate

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 28, 2005

Editor, Suffolk News Herald:

As a Suffolk taxpayer, I appreciate the comments in your Newspaper about the efforts of William Harwood and Roger Leonard to hold members of City Council accountable for the use of taxpayer’s money (Suffolk News Herald, 4/23/05).

We need people like Harwood and Leonard to attend Council meetings and ask pointed questions about how our money is being spent.


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The City Council has received a windfall in tax revenues from increased assessments on real estate.

The average increase in Suffolk real estate assessments this year is 16 percent. (My assessment is more – 28 percent which amounts to slightly over $700 per year).

According to Mayor Ralphs, the average of 16 percent amounts to eight and one-half million dollars in extra revenue for the City.

It is time for the citizens of Suffolk to demand a substantial decrease in the tax rate of $1.08 per $100 assessed valuation.

If you agree, call your councilman or woman and tell them you want the current tax rate decreased to offset the increases in home and property assessments. It will.

This windfall takes effect in November unless the citizens of Suffolk demand a reduction in the tax rate.

Eugene Sankey