July 31, 1942

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 1, 2005

Stories in the News-Herald 63 years ago…

Robbers take gas, then pay for it

Here is one case where robbers paid for what they took.

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Mrs. H.P. Wilson, proprietor of the White Oak Tavern on Route 460, reported to state police that an automobile drove up to the station yesterday and the driver asked for gasoline. She asked for a ration card, and the man gave it to her. But when she began to check the vehicle’s license number, one of the two men whipped out a revolver and demanded that she keep away from the front of the automobile.

Mrs. Wilson said that after she gave them the gasoline, one of the men paid her. They then drove away. The men were last seen heading toward Suffolk.

Darden says goodbye to Lakeview Hospital

This afternoon, Mrs. Emma Darden, superintendent of nurses at Lakeview Hospital, will bid her staff and hospital officials farewell after being connected with the hospital for more than 15 years. The nurses and the remaining personnel at the hospital were gloomy today, regretting to see Darden leave. Several members of the hospital staff remarked that &uot;the hospital won’t be the same without her.&uot; No one had been appointed to fill the vacancy.

Local police, firemen may be drafted

Members of the fire and police departments may be drafted by the local draft board if they are certified by their superior officials as necessary to the efficient functioning of their departments. The local draft board announced that it had not yet received any instructions as to the deferment of members of the fire and police departments. Suffolk, like other cities, is finding it hard to fill vacancies in these departments.

Rawls hosts lawn party

Miss Nancy Rawls was hostess at a lawn party last night, given in honor of her houseguests, Miss. Armecia Eure of Raliegh and Miss Margaret Peacock of Enterprise, Ala. From 8 to 11 p.m., the junior set enjoyed refreshments on the lawn and dancing on the porch. Sitting at the punch bowl with Rawls included Mrs. Barbara Pond and Mrs. G.R. Dixon. On the lawns, cheese puff and doughnuts were served. On the table were candies, nuts, cookies and chips.

Softball meeting tomorrow

The local softball commissioners, Sam Cozard, Ed Oliver and Burdge Caton have called a meeting of all softball managers tomorrow night at the radio station of Main and Bank Streets at 7 p.m. Discussion of the second round of play in the city softball league will be the chief topic, Oliver said today. The managers in the loop required to be present are Jack Riddick, John Parks, Rusty Ellis, E. Dailey, Jimmy Gatling, Rudy Mehalko, W. Barrett, Ellis Newell and J.F. Dixon. The second round starts Monday at Wellons Park.

– Compiled by Jason Norman