Residents continue to donate to storm victims

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2005

When Johnnie Edwards III and other members of Having Church went down to Biloxi, Miss., after Hurricane Katrina ripped through, their mission was simple – at least, to describe.

&uot;We had to do something to bring peace and joy to the people of Biloxi,&uot; Edwards said. &uot;I never saw so much trash in all my life. The people looked like the breath had been sucked right out of them.&uot;

Working with the Urban Life Ministries of the Biloxi area, Having Church members loaded up a truck, donated by Mike Duman, with supplies and drove it south. Next month, they hope to do so again.

Saturday, Edwards, Vanessa Savage and other members got ready, collecting donated supplies in Duman’s Collision Center on North Main Street.

&uot;They need Clorox to kill germs,&uot; Savage said, putting together a load of water, cleaner and other supplies. &uot;They need blankets, because it’s getting cold down there. They want tents to sleep in, and they’re trying to raise money to buy a circus tent for a lot of people to sleep in. The city has helped us.&uot;

Similar events will be held Dec. 3 and 10.

&uot;The church has been very good in sending different types of clothing and blankets,&uot; said Urban Representative Butch Fadely. &uot;They’ve even sent money. They came down and worked with us, cleaning out houses. They were very gracious and got right into the nasties with us.&uot;