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A busy day for florists

Today is the day. Only a few (depending on when you are reading this) hours left to find that special something for your special someone.

Valentine’s Day.

It rolls around quick for the buying masses, but even quicker for the florists that must supply vase after beautiful vase of fragrant red roses. Sure, they get a boom in business, but they have to work like dogs to meet all the last-minute requests.

“Valentine’s Day is a last-minute holiday,” said Tim Johnson, owner of Johnson’s Gardens, 3201 Holland Rd.

Every year they try to encourage people to buy or place orders before the holiday onslaught, offering a special for early birds, but to no avail.

As a result, at 12:30 p.m. yesterday, “We are slammed,” Johnson said, taking a short breather for a telephone interview.

And the work would likely last through the night, non-stop until 5:30 p.m. today, he added.

Bonnie Langer, owner of Bennetts Creek Floral Designs, 2897 Bridge Road, said Valentine’s Day is their busiest day by far. They started putting orders together a week ago, but Langer said they start planning and ordering for V-Day right after Christmas.

She agreed that everyone waits until the last minute for this holiday and predicted that her shop would be jam-packed this morning.

“And all of us will be pulling our hair out,” she joked.

Whichever shop you visit around Suffolk, it’s a pretty sure bet that the employees worked overtime (At Bennetts, there were 10 people on staff n eight more than on a regular day) putting together vases filled with traditional roses and more.

Yes, “Roses are hot again,” Johnson said, explaining that a few years ago their popularity waned.

Alma Kerner, manager of Pinner’s Flower Shop at 530 W. Washington St., said their “cash and carry roses” n a dozen for $19.99 n are the biggest sellers.

Johnson, Kerner and Langer all agreed that mixed bouquets of spring flowers, such as tulips and irises, are their second most popular requests. Candies and stuffed bears still are successful standbys; Pinner’s has 30 pre-made baskets that include the two along with silk flowers.

Johnson’s will take orders until noon on Valentine’s Day, but the shop will be open until 5:30 p.m. for those last-minute folks who need to buy something off the showroom floor.

Langer said orders at Bennetts tomorrow will depend on where they are to be sent. Because of the large volume of deliveries, whether or not an order will be accepted depends on where the delivery drivers are on their routes. They, too, will have items for sale in the shop.

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