Downright creepy, March 3, 2006

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 3, 2006

Talk about creepy.

More than a few people Friday called about our obituaries. The last one was for KeSharia Skinner. KeSharia Skinner’s life was ended when her mother, Tammy Skinner, allegedly shot herself in the stomach last Thursday.

You see, KeSharia Skinner was inside Tammy Skinner’s womb at the time of the shooting. She had not been born.


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The fact that a family would wish to run an obituary for a baby that was so near birth (KaeSharia Skinner could have been born at practically any minute) is not out of the ordinary. What is out of the ordinary, and the source of my aforementioned creepy, is the photo that ran with the obituary.

How and when was the photograph taken?

Obituaries in the Suffolk News-Herald are basically paid advertisements and the person paying for it is allowed to put just about anything in it as long as it is not obscene or libelous. Creepiness is not among our criteria.

Makes you wonder about people.