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We are a very fortunate community

The late Christopher Reeve is quoted as saying, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

That’s what can be said of those in the city who were recently honored by the Suffolk Police Department for their heroic deeds.

Take, for example, Kyle A. Coghlan, his father Donald and sister Morgan Coghlan (See story directly above), who on a spring night in 2005, without any regard to their own safety, rescued a man from drowning.

Or how about Rebecca Meston, and her young children, who provided comfort to the victim of a purse snatching while her police officer husband helped chase the man down?

That’s usually how it goes. Somebody is going about their every day routine when they discover disaster has struck. And they leap into action, doing everything they can to help another human being.

We are extremely fortunate to have these kinds of people in our midst, living next door, or down the street from us.

It’s one thing to count on our police, fire and rescue personnel when we need help. But for somebody who isn’t paid to do it, yet risks their life for us – well, again, we are extremely fortunate.