We need people in office who will consider concerns of residents

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 30, 2006

Election Day is fast approaching and I would like to get my two cents worth in about who I would endorse. 

I realize that the newspapers, influential people and organizations endorse candidates but why not endorsements from working/retired class people who are seriously affected by actions and decisions of their elected officials?

The most important offices to be filled are three city councilmen. It is my recommendation that the challengers for all three of these seats be elected. This recommendation is based on the fact that the electorate already knows what the incumbents will do during their next terms, if elected. It also seems strange that a candidate for Suffolk council accepts campaign funds from real estate and development interests that do not reside in Suffolk. These interests are not stupid. They know that any money given to a city council candidate is money well spent, in any city.  


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We need new people in office who may give some consideration to the Suffolk citizens who are not wealthy enough to absorb new and increased taxes levied on them by our current council. The tax money being spent and obligated to make developers rich and expand “downtown” will not benefit more that 15 percent of Suffolk’s citizens.

My other endorsement concerns the school board member for the Suffolk Borough. I had the opportunity last week to hear both candidates speak and try to justify their election. I had never seen or met either of these persons, but what they said was very enlightening. The statements made by one of these candidates illustrated vividly what is awry in the public schools.

It is my considered opinion that Mr. Michael Debranski is the best candidate for the Suffolk Borough School Board Seat. It is gratifying that the Virginian-Pilot endorsed Mr. Debranski in Friday’s paper.


N. Macon Sanford