Are you ready to change your lifestyle?

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 29, 2006

All of us need to ask the question ‘Are you ready to change your lifestyle?&uot;

How do we know that the six imams that were thrown off a U.S. Airways flight were not trying to take over the plane or trying to

find a way to? We don’t know.


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As far as I am concerned, it was a hijacking attempt and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

In a post 9-11 America, we cannot let things happen and react after the fact, we cannot allow Muslims to kill us just out of fear of being called a racist or a bigot or an Islamophobe. Call me all the names you want, I don’t care. I care more for protecting my myself, my family and my fellow Americans from Muslim barbaric attacks.

If I was one of the passengers on that flight, I would sue the imams for causing me psychological distress. I would go for everything they own; I would ask for full disclosure of all activities and see who is financing their organization, their bank records, mail records, including phone records.

Being politically correct, along with the shameless media campaign over the last five years in their attempt to demonize the GOP, has brought us to the point of our sitting down with evil; it legitimizes evil. As a practical matter, all it accomplishes is to convey weakness. Unless you’re sitting down with them on the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan and they are signing the unconditional surrender documents,

sitting down with evil legitimizes evil. Evil must be destroyed, not compromised with bribes. Destroyed. End of story.

It is time to let those worthless terrorists know that Americans won’t put up with them any longer. We also need to tell those great Americans Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton that we will not accept any elements of Sharia law into the U.S. as showing the strength of our diversity and our commitment to &uot;multiculturalism.&uot;

If Muslims want to stay in this country, they need to protect the first two clauses of the First Amendent, which the late great Mr. Madison penned as follows: Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. What that means is exactly two things: the government can’t tell you what to believe and how to worship. Both concepts are antithetical to the tenets of Sharia law. What that means is you can’t have Sharia law here folks.

They know this. They hate this. This is why these fanatics will continue to erode our culture and our way of life until the liberals decide that our beloved Constitution is not sensitive enough and the entire document is repealed.

I know that sounds alarmist and frankly it is. I’m more alarmed than I ever have been in my life. Make no mistake. We have been invaded. Make no mistake – invaded completely and thoroughly. And half of America either is too blinded by political correctness to realize it, or is too blinded by politics to be able to think about it.

Islam the &uot;religion of peace&uot; has lulled too many Americans into complacency. This &uot;multiculturalism&uot; thing is a powerful weapon to Islam. They have already rendered the great melting pot obsolete. Not on their own mind you, but they are a substantial factor.

And what have we done? Not nearly enough.

Instead, we bend over backwards for them in the name of “tolerance.” Well, I don’t tolerate people who fight as dirty as they do and then whine and cry about intolerance when the tables are turned.

Muslim leaders here and abroad, who make noise about Islamophobia and tolerance, and the &uot;religion of peace,&uot; and are strangely silent when there is an attack on innocent people by Muslim terrorist, are not worthy of my respect. The actions of those leaders reflects on the Muslim population as a whole. I hope any genuinely peace-loving Muslims will realize that, and soon.

The liberals continually cry and moan that we should stop fighting them and &uot;just find out what the terrorists want.&uot; That is an easy enough question to answer. Death.

Yes, I guess I am an Islamophobe. The terrorist brought us into this war five years ago, (they had tried several times before that, but they didn’t get our attention until 9-11). Since then, they have convinced us that Islam is a &uot;religion of peace.&uot; They are masterful propagandists and have used our own laws against us. I don’t trust them anymore. I can’t help but feel guilty about that, because I believe in our Constitution, and whatever true patriotic Americans there are among them deserve my trust. However, if those patriots exist, they have yet to demonstrate it to me. I want concrete proof. I have, nor have you, received any.

That leaves the terrorists; their actions are the only tangible ones I have seen. Those actions show me that a war has been declared upon us, and it was brought to us on our soil, on 9-11. Since then, they have implanted a network of dormant soldiers in our country. They could strike at anytime. When it happens (and it will) the mass assault in every major U.S. city will make 9-11 look like a church picnic.

Is it too late to stop them? We need help from truly peaceful Muslims. I am not sure they exist, but I hope so. They need to join us in the fight. They need to show us that mainstream Islam (if there is such a thing) is willing to fight these lunatics along side of us. They haven’t done that so far. I hope that they change their minds. Islam terrorists want us dead or in burqas, chains or in turbans. They know that we will never convert or consent to enslavement. That is why they want us dead.

How many of these lunatics are there in the Muslim religion? I don’t know. How many profess to be peaceful, but are faking it? Again, I don’t know. How many are breaking the tenets of their own faith by drinking, going to strip clubs and eating pork just to fool us into thinking they have embraced our culture, as they wait

to strike while our guard is down? Again, I don’t know that either. There is no way to know who’s

really with us or against us, but we know for sure that a lot of them are against us.

I do know that, but the question is &uot;do you know that?&uot;

Volper is a former Suffolk residents who lives in Houston. Contact him at