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Cheerful garden blooms all year

Sandra Davis says she doesn’t have a green thumb.

But the flowers wrapping around the white fence outside her house are radiant with hues of red, purple and yellow. This week, the dart landed near the bungalow, on the corner of Turlington and Jackson roads.

No matter the weather outside, the hearty daffodils, hydrangeas and tulips are always bright and beautiful.

“I wish I could take credit for them,” said Davis, relaxing on the front porch Wednesday afternoon with a book, her poodle and a softly-cooing caged dove.

In fact, it was three artistic sisters, who lived in the house before Davis and her husband moved in last year, who can be credited with painting the blooms along the fence.

The cheerful garden is a welcome supplement to Mother Nature’s seasonal floral bounty during the summer. It’s during the winter, when it is cold and grey outside, that the little clusters of flowers brings the most joy to passersby, Davis said.

“Even on a rainy day in the middle of winter, I don’t have to worry about these flowers,” said Davis. “I know they are still blooming.

“I would like to think they brighten up people’s days, … that they bring a smile to the faces of people who drive by.”

And despite her claim that she doesn’t do much with plants, Davis is planning to do whatever it takes to keep her painted flower garden thriving through the winter.

“I’d had noticed the paint was starting to peel off. I’ll probably get some paint and touch it up soon.”