Gas prices going up

Published 8:56 pm Saturday, September 20, 2008

I, like everyone else when I see the price of gas, feel upset with anything connected to the oil business. I cannot understand why that when oil increases fifty cents a barrel, gas increases ten cents a gallon. When oil drops a dollar a barrel, gas only drops two cents a gallon. Why the big difference? When oil was at ninety seven dollars a barrel, gas was around two dollars a gallon. Oil has dropped fifth dollars a barrel in the last month but gas continues to climb. Why?? The ratio of increase and decrease is very far apart. With crude dropping, why is gas still increasing. It seems as though the oil companies have a license to legally steal from the consumer. Just recently, one of our local oil men took a trip around the world. Can you afford this? I certainly can’t, yet I’m sure all of us paid a portion of that trip. It’s time that something was done about the oil situation. The way things are going, I don’t understand why everyone cannot see where we are going. The oil companies are going to break this nation and make 1929 look like a Sunday school picnic. Something has to be done and done now. Eighty dollars to fill an automobile with fuel is totally ridiculous.

The American public cannot do anything, the state and federal government won’t do anything, so it’s up to the only ones who can do something. If both the unionized and free lance truckers join together and quit rolling, it will paralyze the nation. Then watch both the government and the oil companies move in. I challenge the truckers to do this. When the oil companies have more oil than they know what to do with, prices will ease off. The same for all other commodities. Gas has no reason to be over two dollars a gallon at any time.

And, I challenge this newspaper to forward this letter to the major newspapers in major cities.


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Let’s get this ball rolling before we wind up in another depression much worse than 1929. We are well on our way now. By the way, I tried to get a TV reporter to pick this up but he said it was political and he is staying out of it.

I challenge the state, and federal government and the truckers to act on this before it’s too late.