Writer supports Milteer for Council

Published 9:00 pm Monday, September 22, 2008

Curtis Milteer has been a part of our Whaleyville community as well as the city of Suffolk all of his life. He knows this community better than anyone else I know. He has committed the last 28 years of his life to serving the citizens of Suffolk. His accomplishments are many and his experience is priceless. I am supporting Mr. Milteer as our councilman for the Whaleyville borough. I feel with his experience and commitment to our community he will serve us well for another term.

I have found in my experience with Mr. Milteer, that he will help in any way he can. He is always accessible and will take the time to talk with you when you have a concern or problem. He knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. I know he is the best person to serve the Whalevyille borough and I am giving him my full support.

Susan Blair


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