Wal-Mart remodel bodes well for city

Published 12:04 am Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wal-Mart’s remodeling of its downtown Suffolk store bodes well for our city. It’s a reminder that there is a need for investment, even during the not-so-great economic times we are facing.

The store is going through a major remodel. The changes are expected to be done in early November in time for a grand “reopening.” The store, which has remained open throughout the switch, is getting a facelift, both inside and out, with new paint and some modernizing. The store is putting down new wood floors and taking up old carpet, moving the jewelry department up front, moving the electronics department to the back and expanding it, and extending some of the counters in the food department.

The store is 17 years old and is long overdue for the remodeling. But more important is that it serves as a reminder to Suffolk businesses that their doors remain open and they continue to do what it takes to make it more convenient for its customers. We can learn from their experiences and apply the need for refreshing our stores continuing to invest in our businesses to better serve our customers.


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