Spending outpaces donations in School Board race

Published 10:42 pm Friday, October 17, 2008

Most candidates for Suffolk School Board spent more money than they took in during September.

James Perkinson, the Sleepy Hole incumbent, and his challenger, Diane Foster, were the exceptions. Foster spent exactly what she took in — $75 — and Perkinson’s donations exceeded his expenses by about $680. His most notable contributor was City Councilman Charles Parr, who gave $200.

The rest of the candidates’ donations didn’t keep up with their expenses.


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Thelma Hinton, a candidate in the Nansemond borough, spent more than two and a half times what she took in, but still ended up with more than $1,700 in her bank account from past donations. Her opponent, Marion Matthews, brought in $450 from seven donors, none of whom were reported, because each one gave less than $100. She spent about $560. Her muddled campaign finance report included expenses listed in the contributions category and transactions from prior reporting periods listed on the September report.

Phyllis Byrum, the challenger for the Whaleyville borough seat, brought in $120 from two donors. She spent $125 on a newspaper advertisement and a vehicle to use in the Peanut Fest parade.

The Whaleyville incumbent, Sharon Harris, did not receive any contributions in September. Instead, she loaned herself $384.70 for such expenses as color copies, ink cartridges and copy paper.