Cedar Point gets a makeover

Published 10:13 pm Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cedar Point Country Club got a makeover this year, and it came at the hands of the club’s own members.

With the help of golf course architects Ault, Clark & Associates, members created and put in place a new landscaping plan. They replanted several different specimens of trees and shrubs throughout the course and added others to help screen one hole from another to improve safety and aesthetics.

When it came to beautification plans, club members stepped up with their own designs.


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“A lot of people had expressed a desire to have more color on the golf course, then some people also expressed interest in a memorial garden,” said Susan Terry, a leader of the beautification effort.

“I sort of put the two plans in place, then we got the funding for the memorial garden and we had some good expertise in the club — people who had been involved with the nursery business. It was by the members, for the members.”

Members helped raise the necessary funds for both plans through their own donations, but they took their commitment to their club one step further.

Around 25 members helped create three new gardens on the golf course — two of which will be designated as memorial gardens for former members. They also will plant more flowers along the course and plan new garden space.

But it hasn’t all been about design for the members. They’ve also gotten their hands dirty during the long improvement process.

From planning and weeding to planting and digging, men and women from Cedar Point’s Ladies Golf Association and Senior Men’s Golf Association began working in October to get the new layout the way they wanted.

While the bulk of the work is completed, there is much that will be going on during the spring.

“I look in those spots, and I’m still a little surprised to see planting there,” Terry said. “I can see one of the gardens from my back door and it’s very positive to see that. And I know what we think it’s going to look like next spring, and that’s a positive thing.

“We have already had a lot of people say, ‘Wow, you guys have done some good work.’ We got a lot of great help, and we’re waiting for the spring to see how great it’ll turn out.”