What, me worry?

Published 8:17 pm Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Normally, I’m just the sports guy. So it’s odd now that family, co-workers and close friends are asking me — and it’s increasing by the day — if I’m worried or nervous.

Excited, definitely. Worried and nervous — a little, but not really. I appreciate everyone’s questions, and it’s good they care. My life really will change. In less than two weeks, on Sunday, Jan. 18, I’m turning in my bachelor card.

According to custom, I guess should be worried about no more White Sox games on television six nights a week, no more Sundays devoted entirely to the NFL, no more golf unless I get permission first and no more putting all that sort of stuff in front of more mature obligations.


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Except for the White Sox on TV — and that’s only since Beth’s a native New Englander, and therefore, a Red Sox fan going back well before 2004 — I’m not nervous about losing any of that.

I’m doubly safe when it comes to getting out on the links. Beth was a much more varied and accomplished athlete than myself, in her case through playing collegiate softball, and therefore is not yet a golfer. So when the Red Sox play on Saturday afternoon and the White Sox play at 8 p.m., I’ll be able to get out on the course, and she’ll barely know I’m gone.

Which brings us to one of our only persistent conflicts — what to do with children a few years down the line. Rules? Bedtimes? Education? Health? The right food? Friends? Playstation 4s or 5s? How strict to be? Getting the kids to do homework? The birds and the bees? Those things will sort themselves out just fine.

What about the correct color of Sox? The kid will probably rebel against both of us and be a Yankees fan. What if our kids don’t like sports? The horror.

A couple of non-sports episodes recently have highlighted the differences in the free-and-easy single life and what’s on the horizon.

First, we went to a baby shower in late March. I had no problem with this. It was for a good friend from college. The difference was more in the process, rather than the outcome. Apparently, I had decided I would be at the shower before I even knew it was planned; I was informed of my decision later that afternoon.

Perhaps since we just went through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we’ve talked about planning family trips for Thanksgivings and Christmases for the next decade or two.

This seems like a strange new idea, mainly because for both of our jobs, even a full, planned, two-day weekend has to be figured out well in advance. Even a couple weeks ago, my usual Christmas travel was cut short because of high school basketball. But, if November 26-29, 2024 is all lined up, I’ll do everything I can to be there.

As for “worried” and “nervous”, that’s more for the wedding itself. Repeating after the pastor in a calm, sober way is a top priority. And dancing. I’m the worst dancer in the history of white guys, so I’m nervous about that. As for everything after Sunday night, I’m happy and comfortable about moving into married life.