Obama advances King’s dream

Published 9:41 pm Thursday, January 22, 2009

As I sat on my sofa, on the cold and threatening snow day of January 19th, watching the pre-Inaugural activities and the many tributes to Dr. Martin Luther King, I was moved to write this letter.

As I remembered the civil rights movement of my youth, it brought tears of sadness for Dr. King and the many who suffered and died for this cause. It also brought me joy to know that these people had so much love for me and others that they were willing to make such sacrifices.

Because of their sacrifices, a way was paved for many, especially for President Barack Obama, who was inaugurated on Tuesday. I feel that his inauguration has brought part of Dr. King’s dream to reality.


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There is still much to accomplish before racial equality and the eradication of racism are realized in America. However, I believe we will all get there. I am thankful to all those before me who have helped to make this inauguration possible, and I am ready to help make the dream even more real.

Although I was young when the movement came to Suffolk, I participated as I was allowed at that time. Then, I was aware of the injustices, not only in Suffolk, but all over. Today, I’m joyful for the changes that have taken place.

Looking back, I am ashamed of how some people degraded this country by their actions and reactions of hatred toward their fellow men, women and children. I have been taught that this country was founded on Christianity. Realizing that we are not all perfect, ask yourselves: Were these acts of Christianity? I would say, no!

I believe that if we all cannot come together in accord to make this country a better place to live, we will all fall together. So we all must work together to make this a better country and a blessed nation. Then we all can each say whole-heartedly: “I’m proud to be an American!”

God bless President Obama, and God bless America.