Supporting higher education

Published 9:46 pm Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This week, a recent King’s Fork High School graduate received a $500 scholarship to help her continue her education.

Katrina McNair, a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, got the check from the East Suffolk High School Alumni Association. A criminal justice major, McNair earned a 3.8 grade point average during her first semester at VCU.

Also receiving scholarships this year were Lakeland grad Veldez Powell, Nansemond River alumnus Vernell Woods III, and Nansemond River grad Juan Lascano, who received the Heritage Scholarship for a child of a former East High School student.


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Organizations such as the East Suffolk High School Alumni Association do the community a great service when they give scholarships. Because this and other groups choose to support the education of the next generation, many students are able to obtain intellectual edification they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Many thanks to the East Suffolk High School Alumni Association and the dozens of other groups in Suffolk that raise funds to give scholarships to these deserving students. Future generations will be grateful.