Please say no to borrow pit

Published 10:28 pm Monday, April 13, 2009

I understand the borrow pit issue on Quince road is rearing its ugly head again. Last year a large group of us supplied the planning members, city council members and Mayor Johnson a very large packet of information in opposition to the borrow pit proposed for the Holland area.

This packet included pictures of the curves and soft shoulders on Quince, Pioneer, and Longstreet Lane. In addition, we supplied an accident count for U.S. Route 58, which I can assure you has NOT decreased; if anything, it has multiplied.

I would suggest that council send our city engineer back out to drive the roads that will be traveled by the tandem trucks. It appeared from last year’s meeting that he was confused and reported the roads as straight! I urge council members to find the information they were provided, including the petition of opposition.


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With the 2010 budget reflecting an 9-percent increase for “Risk Management” and a 4-percent decrease for our schools I would suggest the city put “Risk Management” to work and have them closely investigate the impact the borrow pit will have on the neighborhood: property resale value, the cost to improve the inadequate roads and, in particular, the safety of our children, who would share the narrow, curved roads with large, heavy equipment.

There are so many arguments against the borrow pit: road conditions, traffic congestion and accidents; the huge tax burden the CenterPoint Route 58 road improvements will require; the new warehouse facilities to be built on Route 58; the close proximity to three of our schools; the danger to our farmers and livestock that will have to share the roads with large trucks hauling dirt; the defiance of our “UDO,” which promised us “quiet neighborhoods.”

We urge council to be sensible and to make the correct decision for the taxpayers of Suffolk. I suggest to you that this proposed “borrow pit” will affect us all, not only through tax burdens but the heavy congestion imposed on an already-congested and accident-prone Route 58.

Debra Prescott