City’s actions contribute to poor image

Published 8:30 pm Monday, July 27, 2009

Virginia is rated the best state for businesses, according to a national report. And Suffolk is a leading city. With that potential for new businesses, we should display an impressive image.

The city’s change in tree litter collection is causing uncollected debris accumulation . That’s not the image business leaders want to see when searching for a new company site. Debris is being dumped secretly throughout the City to avoid another tax.

“Make a pickup reservation and prepay”, says the city, and it is the cause of this blight. Since the taxpayer is already paying, let’s have multitasking and eliminate the extra fees on tree trash collection and security alarm registration.


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It is not logical to contract this alarm requirement to an address in Colorado. And keep foreclosure procedures within City’s existing departments. Do not contract outside, if it is going to create a deficit.

Bob and Bernice Rogers