Article didn’t promote teen pregnancy

Published 7:38 pm Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I must say that the opinions of Mrs. Jimmi Mayo and Andy McLaughlin in Sunday’s edition of the Suffolk News-Herald were the most closed-minded and ridiculous opinions that I have ever read.

Nowhere in the article “Sisters, Mothers & Aunts” (Aug. 27 edition) did I read that anyone was condoning the act of unwed teenage mothers, or promoting teen pregnancy.

However, I did read that an unusual miracle took place in one family — two babies were born to two sisters in the same household on the same day. I also read that the mother supported and loved her children, in spite of their acts of disobedience.


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I even read that both young ladies would be returning to school with the help and guidance of their mother.

Maybe in your eyes there is something wrong with a mother loving and supporting her children, but many of us see nothing wrong with a mother loving her children through the pain.

After all, these girls have not done anything any different than many of us (young and old) in our lives. It just so happened that this family has enough understanding not to be ashamed of one another and accept responsibility for what is taking place in their lives.

I, for one, applaud the fact that their mother stood by them and loved them, instead of pushing them to take two innocent lives. Unlike you, their mother must understand that we have all fallen and come short of God’s grace and that we all stand in need of that grace. Yes, even you have something for which you should repent.

It seems that you are so concerned with statistics and the economy. What are you doing other than reading the paper, looking for something to complain about? I’m sorry; reading the newspaper and complaining about what you are paying for is not enough.

Maybe if you are so concerned, you could write them a check. You could even do something in their community to guide and educate the youth, so that we know you are truly concerned and not just wanting your names in the paper.

I’ve got it! How about getting out of the newspaper long enough to help the youth in your own communities and church, if you have one?

As for the new mothers, congratulations on your new babies, and have no shame, for God is a forgiving and loving God. And thank you for not killing your children. Mom, keep supporting and guiding your children, and loving them through the pain.

“Look towards the hills, from whence cometh your help, and know that your help cometh from the Lord.”

May God bless you and your family.