Published 5:19 pm Saturday, October 10, 2009

Like most mothers on the day of their daughter’s wedding, Jackie Fitzhugh was a ball of nervous energy.

“My little girl is all grown up,” she said. “I can’t believe it. You should have seen her when she was little, she was a laugh riot.”

But the proud mom shared a little too much about her soon to be son-in-law, Bruce Montgomery.

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“I don’t care for him,” Fitzhugh said. “I hope she doesn’t go through with it. I haven’t even met his mother, but I heard she’s a handful too.”

It was an eerily mean spirited thing to say that would ultimately lead Fitzhugh to be a suspect when a man is found murdered during her daughter’s wedding.

Whether or not she did it, well, that is for the audience to decide.

The King’s Fork High School Drama Club put on a production of “Wedding From Hell” Friday night. The murder mystery was performed as a dinner theater event, where audience members tried to gather evidence while served dinner.

“It went really well,” said Jennifer Miguel, the drama club director. “It was really successful. The kids did a good job. We got a lot of compliments.”

While the play is scripted, during intermission and while guests were being seated, the characters were instructed to meet and mingle – with no dialogue guiding the interactions. The students were simply instructed to stay in character.

For instance, when meeting King’s Fork’s Rayvnn Stringfield at the door, one was really not meeting Rayvnn – but her character, Jackie Fitzhugh.

“The kids did a great job with their (improvisations),” Miguel said. “ I was really impressed with how well they did, because that’s not something we could really rehearse every day.”

The drama club students were given the script to the play at the end of last school year, but they did not begin rehearsing until school started again this year, which gave them roughly four weeks to perfect the performance.

It is the second time the club has done a mystery dinner theater, and it was a sold out crowd this year. Ticket sales to the event served as a fundraiser for future school productions.

The club will hold auditions on Monday to begin rehearsal on their next project, a production of Diary of Anne Frank.