Fox simply isn’t balanced

Published 9:22 pm Saturday, October 31, 2009

In reference to Meghan Brinkley in Saturday’s paper. I am and always have been an independent.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s when the majority of Suffolk and Nansemond County were Democratic, I remained Independent and voted for the man and not the party.

Even all of the Constitutional Officers were then Democratic but have now become independent.


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I have voted for some Republicans over the years. I think Rep. Randy Forbes is good for our 4th District and will continue to vote for him.

Now, back to Fox. Several years ago, I enjoyed listening to Hannity and Combs as they gave both sides of a question. But, now that Hannity has gotten too far Republican, even Combs left the program.

I did once like the investigative reporting of Glen Beck, but now, he has also turned hard nose Republican. Maybe it’s the ownership of Fox News.

I think that after Jan. 20th, all should support the President and the losing party should spend their time looking for a better man for 2012, if they can find one.