Suffolk needs leaders, not candidates

Published 11:11 pm Friday, November 6, 2009

November is when the turkey sits lovely on the table, while family and friends are gathered together. November is also when posters cover the ground and speeches are made during election time.

Let me start by saying if the shoe fits wear it, if not leave it on the shelf, because this does not pertain to you. But if it does, get it together!

We have heard the saying a “great leader is a great follower” but I want to take it further and say that great leaders lead before or even without having a title. Brace yourself, past, present and future leaders of America. I have one question for you, specifically all of the candidates who ran in Suffolk’s 2008 election. Where are you now?


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It’s amazing how before the election season began we barely knew of the candidates, but weeks into the heated battle we heard of them around the clock making promises that only amounted to good speeches. But after the citizens of this lovely city for the first time in history elected a mayor, we no longer hear of most of the “leaders.”

I’m just saying, do you really need a title to lead in this city? Suffolk is in need of leaders not just position holders. No disrespect at all to the leaders in office, because we are very grateful for you, but we need more leaders if we expect to see an authentic change.

For example we need leaders like Mrs. Shields who even at a young old age continued to teach Boy Scouts each week in her church. We need leaders like Mr. Gill, who started a youth baseball organization, The Victors, whose purpose is to unite youth of every ethnic background regardless of their social status or athletic ability and continued to teach baseball and life lessons while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, despite the persecution and lack of assistance.

We need leaders like Coach Rountree and Mrs. Roberts, who go beyond the call of duty when it comes to being a coach or teacher and who will be helping hands to their students and players.

There are many more true leaders who may not receive all or any recognition and may not even run for City Council, but these are leaders.

For those of you who are looking to run in 2012, let me give you a point of advice with these two words. Do something.

This is not directed to condemn any but to challenge all, for the Word lets us know that “he that is faithful in a few things will be rewarded by God with much.”

A title or even recognition doesn’t make you a leader. The life you live and the example you set makes you a leader. This city does not need candidates; it needs leaders.