The ‘most terrible proposal in history’

Published 4:59 pm Friday, November 20, 2009

To the editor:

As a health care professional I am terrified of the proposed National Health Care Plan. This will cause millions of unnecessary deaths to Americans.

This 2,000+ page Senate Health Care bill cuts Medicare and Medicaid; gives $100 million to Louisiana to buy Senator Mary Landrieu’s vote; threatens jail for those who do not have health insurance; calls for a tax on all medicines, on all medical devises, on all insurance companies, on all drug companies and on your insurance policy; and will cost $2 trillion in new taxes beginning as soon as the President signs it, event though the health care services will not start for until 2014.


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President Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services just said no mammograms are needed until the age of 50 and there is no need for breast self-exams. This is the panel that will have the power to determine what health care can be given to all Americans.

The Senate version of this bill is up for its first vote this weekend. Call your senators and tell them to vote “No,” and tell them that if they vote yes, they will be held responsible.

This is the most terrible proposal in the history of our nation and will cause the worst health care for all citizens.