Wait. Don’t settle.

Published 8:43 pm Saturday, December 12, 2009

What comes to mind when you think of a settlement? Does a car accident come to mind where someone decided to settle a lawsuit or insurance claim, or a large debt, such as a car or hospital bill, that has been delinquent for years and the company settled for a lesser amount?

We all know the payout may not be what the company or individual wanted, but it was what they were “willing” to take.

What settlement have you accepted? We live in a microwave society in which everybody wants it “right now.” Waiting has become a thing of the past. Many settle, because they figure “something” or “someone” is better than nothing, especially if they have been waiting while watching everyone else reap.

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Let me inform you that the first offer or the first person is not always the best one. You must know that God is not out to punish you, but wants to bless you because He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.

Have you become so weary in well-doing that you have accepted a “settlement”? Have you not mastered the art of waiting?

Perhaps you were praying and waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right but you finally accepted Mr. or Mrs. Can’t Get It Right. You settled for having an Ishmael, because, according to the doctor’s report, having Isaac seemed impossible. Maybe you saw the house of your dreams or you saw yourself owning your own business, but because you did not understand the process, you settled for mediocrity?

If so, that explains why you live each day angry with the world and begging for a divorce. You took the bribe instead of the promise.

One of the tallest buildings in the world, the Empire State Building, took one year and 45 days of construction before completion. It took time. Most of its time was working on the foundation, which is unseen by tourists.

I’m a Lakeland High man myself, but I must say Coach Worrell and the King’s Fork High School men’s basketball team of 08-09 taught us a great lesson. They could have settled for the fact that many considered them be a walkover opponent. The coaches could have moved to another school, and some of the players could have done the same thing. The fans could have stopped coming.

But they refused to settle. And they were rewarded by winning the VHSL State Basketball Championship.

So next time you think about giving up on your dreams and settling for what’s before you, think about the 2009 Bulldogs. Some may laugh and some may joke, but if you don’t give up hope, you, too, will be sporting a ring.

Don’t settle. Wait. Agape.

Domenick Epps is president of Youth on FYE. Contact him at youthonfye@hotmail.com.