Memorial fund helps beautify Driver

Published 10:28 pm Monday, December 14, 2009

During Driver Days, an annual community festival, Holly Hossler, of Driver, organizes a memorial motorcycle ride to honor her twin sister, who was killed on her Harley in a hit and run in 1993.

Proceeds from the Sherri Parker Memorial Ride and Bike Show go to the Sherri Parker Memorial Fund, which Hossler donates to landscaping of the village gateways.

“She loved riding her motorcycle. She was a very free spirit. It’s a nice way to remember her,” said Hossler. “She’d lived her whole life here. Her house was the first one coming in to Driver. She loved her town.”


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This year, of the $4,000 raised, $1,200 went to put fall landscaping details towards the village gateways. The gateways will receive spring and summer landscaping updates, as well.

Nearly 500 motorcyclists from the community and abroad came to Driver and made donations to ride this year.

This October was the ninth year Hossler organized the drive. Every year she advertises the event on various motorcycle Web sites, local motorcycle shops, and magazines. She said the Suffolk tourism department also helps her market the event.

This year roughly 30 people volunteered for the event, and bikers also help keep the gateways planted with new flowers during the year. Mike Cooke, owner of Seasonal Landscaping, also helps keep up the areas.

“It means so much to us — the bikers who participate and come out to show their support,” Hossler said. “Every time we see the motorcycles come in to town, it just pulls on the heartstrings of all [Sherri’s] family and friends … It just means so much to us.”

Remaining proceeds go towards the Suffolk Humane Society and volunteer rescue squad.