In retrospect…

Published 7:07 pm Monday, December 28, 2009

“My my my!” “Wow!” “Are you serious dude?” “What were you thinking? “GOD is good!”

Those are just a few of the replies that follow a powerful testimony on the series of ups, downs, obstacles and hurdles that led us to where we are now.

Today I would like for you to make a declaration that says, “I will forget those things of my past that had intentions of doing me harm, and I will press toward the mark of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ.”


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For many, it’s not the present that torments them; neither is it the future that keeps them up late at night, but it’s the battlefield of the mind that the enemy uses to rehearse the “old man” with its “old habits.”

Yes, we all who are delivered are now and then reminded of who and what we used to be. It’s not like we got amnesia. But there are those “special associates” who want to remind us, as well.

Beloved, that’s just an opportunity to say, “Thank you, Jesus, because if He changed me, He can change you, also.”

Every now and then — but not too often — I may encounter flashbacks or a vision of my former, worldly, sinful lifestyle of sex, drugs, rebellion and partying. And though the devil’s intentions are to get me down and to make me feel unworthy, I quickly turn those thoughts into words of praise by casting down what Paul calls those “imaginations” and praising GOD for saving someone like me.

Just as 2010 will forget 2009, you must do the same when it comes to your failures, setbacks and mistakes. Don’t allow what/who God has delivered you from to control your actions or your thought life now or at anytime.

Why do you think you have your driver’s license? Its not merely because you passed a test at DMV but because you passed a series of tests prior. From the day you were born till now you proved to be an overcomer.

When you first tried walking, you fell, but you didn’t stay down; you got up and kept trying until your walk was strong. When you tried riding your bicycle, you fell, but you got up and tried again until you were able to ride with no hands.

So note this: Success is not your greatest teacher; failure is. Hold your head high now. Don’t wait until next year, but go into next year a new person who declared not to allow the past to haunt him anymore.

I love you, beloved, and so does God! You are special in the God’s eyes, so it’s time that you see yourself as He sees you. Agape.