400 holes — and counting

Published 12:20 am Saturday, February 13, 2010

Suffolk Public Works crews have been busy this week.

Since last Friday, crews had repaired more than 400 potholes throughout the city. The sudden proliferation of potholes was caused by a prolonged period of wet weather and snowplows scraping the streets.

“What I’m getting into now is pothole repair,” Public Works director Eric Nielsen said on Tuesday.


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The repair process has been difficult because of the continued wet weather, Nielsen said. An area must be able to remain dry for several days for a permanent patch to set.

Public Works staff have received about 100 service requests over the phone and through the city’s Web site, and have used 17 tons of cold mix (a temporary patch) and 12 tons of hot mix (a permanent repair). Temporary patches were put in place before the permanent patch could be obtained from the supplier and weather conditions were right.

Starting last this week, crews began putting in permanent patches, as well as replacing the temporary patches with permanent patches.

Motorists can help with the repair process by reporting potholes that have gone unfixed. To report a pothole, visit www.suffolk.va.us/pub_wks/pothole.html or call 514-4355.