Kids, but no kites, in Suffolk

Published 5:17 pm Friday, March 5, 2010

To the editor:

Stepping out into my backyard today and feeling the wind kicking up a bit, gave me cause to think of some pleasant memories from bygone days as a kid in Suffolk.

The arrival of March, I thought, marked kite-flying season when I was a kid. But I have not seen the first kite for sale in any of the stores or at the mall. The city of Suffolk used to sponsor a kite-building and -flying contest, probably under the direction of the Parks and Recreation Department. It was a great way for a kid — and maybe a family member or two — to work on an economical and fun building project together.


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As I recall, we flew our kites at the Suffolk airport. There were prizes awarded for first kite up, highest-flying kite, and more. The contest, having been advertised in the local Suffolk News-Herald, drew quite a large number of Suffolk adults, who volunteered their help to all the kids who wanted it. In fact, I can recall looking around and seeing a few of them flying kites just for fun.

Are many of us too busy today to have some fun WITH the kids? The kids are still here, the airport is still here and the winds of March are still here.