Suffolk helping Suffolk — again

Published 9:30 pm Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When I first started working here, someone told me that one of Suffolk’s best qualities is that when there is a need, “Suffolk helps Suffolk.”

Time and time again, I have seen that statement turned into reality.

Most recently, I have been struck by the efforts behind resurrecting The Market in north Suffolk.


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As many know, early March 3 there was a fire that burned the building to the ground.

Having been in Suffolk for only the past few months, I don’t have any far back memories of The Market, but I’ve been told the building dates back to 1927.

Its current owners, who lease the building, have been there for 10 years making breakfasts and lunches for their customers. They also supply other homemade and Amish goodies, as well as memorabilia, such as Elvis posters.

They poured their heart and soul into their market. They even put up family heirlooms to decorate the place and give it that personal touch.

Now, after spending the last 10 years caring for the people who walked through their door and giving them a taste of home, they are in need — and Suffolk is helping Suffolk, again.

After the fire destroyed all their equipment, goods and personal items, the community stepped up to lend moral and monetary support.

After the sun came up on March 3, customers began stopping by to mourn with the owners and lend their condolences. In weeks following the fire, people continue to stop in when they see the owners cleaning up outside.

But as many say — actions speak louder than words.

The community has come together to donate items for and put together a benefit to help them replace the equipment and goods.

On March 27 a local band will play and others will donate items for a silent auction and a bake sale.

I cannot imagine the emotional depths a person plunges to while watching a business she has poured her heart into for so many years as it burns to the ground. And then have to face building it back up? I wouldn’t know where to start.

But seeing the community surround people who are going through tough times is always a privilege to witness.

The city’s slogan is “It’s a good time to be in Suffolk.”

In my opinion, this is a key reason why that’s true.