The point of it all at FBCS

Published 4:34 pm Monday, May 31, 2010

I read with a smile the story written by my fellow reporter, Leila G. Roche, about the historic graduation from First Baptist Christian School on Friday.

Since I am the product of 13 years of a small Christian school that began as the ministry of a Baptist church, Leila’s story caused me to remember my own graduation — exactly eight years ago on Memorial Day —and the privileges that came with a private education based on the Word of God, which was possible only because of the extreme sacrifices my parents and grandparents made in my first 18 years.

The nine young ladies and young men who just graduated from First Baptist have had the unique experience of learning Christian values not only in the home and at church, but also at school. These nine young people, especially if they go to a secular college, will encounter plenty of people — Christians among them — who believe that Christian school graduates are not as smart as those from public schools; people who believe they will not be as successful; and people who simply don’t see the point of a Christian school education.

They’ll be asked plenty of questions — the point of Bible verse memorizations, the reason for a dress code, and my personal favorite — why have chapel services at school if you go to church on Sunday?

I hope they will be able to answer these questions appropriately. Memorizing Bible verses teaches the skill of memorization with positive reaffirming passages, and it also teaches Christians the verses they need to witness to and encourage others, even when there is not a Bible handy.

A dress code helps teach the Biblical values of modesty and a joyful appearance to go with a joyful spirit. And chapel services provide encouragement during the week for all the students, including those whose families don’t get to church every week.

Reading Leila’s story about the graduation’s speakers, I was reminded of the speaker at my own high school graduation — sorry, but I don’t remember his name — who compared me and my 16 classmates to Daniel from the Bible.

The same could be said of the nine recent graduates from FBCS. My prayer is that they will each turn out to be mighty servants of God.

Tracy Agnew is a reporter for the Suffolk News-Herald. She can be reached at 757.934.9609 or at