Candidate deadline approaches

Published 11:04 pm Friday, June 4, 2010

The deadline is approaching for candidates for City Council and School Board.

Those seeking November election to the seats representing the Cypress, Chuckatuck, Holy Neck and Suffolk boroughs have until 7 p.m. Tuesday to turn in 125 signatures from registered voters in their borough.

“It seems like it’s a lot of interest,” said Suffolk General Registrar Sharon Thornhill. “I guess people just want to get in.”


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Several candidates already have turned in their signatures and had them verified, Thornhill said. Several more are still gathering theirs.

“We have people still out there right now getting signatures,” she said. “I stressed to them, if they can, get them in a little early so they can go ahead on and check them. To give everybody a chance, you want to make sure that they’re all qualified.”

Thornhill said she has had to send two potential candidates searching for more signatures after they turned in lists that failed to meet the threshold of 125.

For more information on the elections, call 514-7750. Check the Suffolk News-Herald next week for information on the candidates that qualified to be on the ballot.