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Summertime singing and dancing

Young fans of the hit television series “Glee” will be singin’ in the rain to attend Glee Camp this summer.

The Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast will offer a unique resident camp at Camp Darden for girls in grades 6 through 12 June 27 through July 2. Campers will be able to choose their favorite songs and choreograph a dance they will perform at the end of camp.

The camp is based on the hit series “Glee,” which focuses on the musical theater department of a fictional high school in Ohio.

“Girls will be selecting songs that are meaningful to them, kind of like the homework they give in ‘Glee,’” said Emilie McIntosh, who helped create the camp. “They will coordinate with the others to create a song and dance kind of revue using the songs that are meaningful to them for a performance.”

Girls in Glee Camp also will learn about the history of musical theater, as well as other underlying themes of the show — like bullying, being true to yourself and following your dreams.

“’Glee’ presents a lot of different types,” McIntosh said. “You’ve got the theater kids, you’ve got the jock kids, different types that different goals can relate to. Just because you’re a jock doesn’t mean you can’t be in the theater.”

McIntosh came up with the idea for the camp by looking at trends and seeing what is popular among middle and high school girls.

“We were looking at what the trends were,” McIntosh said. “’Glee’ is a very big trend.”

Glee Camp is $300, and financial assistance is available. Registrations are due by June 17 at www.gsccc.org. Many other camp theme options, such as wildlife rescue and first-aid techniques, are also available throughout the summer.