Surprise announcement just the beginning

Published 9:01 pm Saturday, July 17, 2010

Does anyone really understand just how big a deal Monday, July 13, 2010 truly was?

On that day, the editors of Money magazine singled out the city most of us call home — Suffolk — as one of the best small cities in the United States to live.

Was Virginia Beach on that list? Nope.


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Was Norfolk? Nope.

What about Newport News or Hampton? That would be a nope, followed by a nope.

The only other area city joining Suffolk on that list of 100 small cities was one we share a border, Chesapeake.

Among the statistics the editors of the magazine pointed out that Suffolk excelled in were those relating to economics and population growth.

For those who haven’t driven through one of the city’s industrial centers, the growth of area industries would be somewhat shocking.

And as far as the population growth, you simply have to drive down just about any road in the city to be confronted with a number of new residential developments.

In fact, for someone who prides himself on trying to drive each of the areas of Suffolk each and every week, I find a new project, a new development, a new business, a new road. Oh, and a new way to get lost. But that’s more of a GPS problem than anything else.

Monday’s announcement was the first time for Suffolk, but based on the continued advancements we’ve seen just in the past few months, I would be shocked if Suffolk’s stay on the list wasn’t a very long one.

The list also pointed out areas that Suffolk fell short, but each city listed had some shortcoming that was detailed. But, having a key understanding and appreciation of those who work in our city departments, our schools and our economic development teams, I would imagine those shortcomings will receive and likely have received some very close attention.

As a journalist, I strive for the unobtainable goal of objectivity when I write about an event. But when it came to Monday’s announcement, I couldn’t help to be excited.

By no means is it the ending achievement — or final placement on the list — for Suffolk. In my mind, and those I talked to this week, Monday’s announcement was just the beginning.

Well done!