Illustrating the weather

Published 7:29 pm Thursday, August 19, 2010

In case you all haven’t noticed, our website here at the Suffolk News-Herald has undergone some changes. And well, if you’ve never been a part of the process of changing a whole website with the depth ours has, let’s just say there are a lot of hands that go into the pot.

There’s a guy that sits in the corner and does the coding for the site. There’s a guy that sits in the conference room and requests things from everyone in the building to load onto the site. And then there are the people that scurry around the building trying to find those things for the guy in the conference room and that oh-so-quiet guy that sits in the corner.

And then, in this grand old process, there is me. I’m the guy who fills spaces. I’m the graphics guy in the process. When the web guys say, “Hey, we need an ad or something for this thingy here and it has to be 320 pixels by 190 pixels,” I’m the guy who designs the thingies to fill holes.


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(Forgive me for such a technical term as “thingy” but these are high levels of technology we’re dealing with.)

One of my assignments in this whole transformation was to design the little weather graphics that display at the top of the website. You know, that little bunch of clouds or raindrops that you see at the top of most such websites that offer weather information.

Let me tell you, this small part of the process was more complicated than you might imagine. For a brief period, I actually had to shift my normal set of daily thoughts — food, dining, eating and food — to the different kinds of weather conditions there are.

Naturally, I thought of sun, clouds, rain and snow — all very easy to illustrate with my level of talent. But there were the others. How does one illustrate fog? What does “windy” look like? And for the life of me I still haven’t figured out the difference between partly cloudy and mostly sunny.

But when it is all said, done, and launched, I’m glad my part in the big process of making the new website is over … I think. And, when I log on to the site now and see my little pieces in the puzzle, I’m glad I was able to give Suffolk some morsels of my talents.

I hope you enjoy the new look of the website, Suffolk. Thanks to me, you don’t even have to look out your window to know what the weather will be. I’ve got you covered. But, speaking of morsels, now I’m glad to allow my brain to return to its usual daily programming.