Sylvia has lost public trust

Published 9:08 pm Thursday, September 9, 2010

To the Editor:

In reading the remarks that David Sylvia made in the Sunday edition of the Suffolk News-Herald (“Magic keystroke: Official defends ‘accidental’ risqué email”), I see that he apparently thinks that everyone indulges in the same kind of explicit art that he evidently delights in.

Then, he feels confident that he will prevail and continue to serve as secretary of the Electoral Board.

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Well, he has done his own evaluation, and whom do you think needs to resign, retire or be fired? Is he providing the kind of leadership we as citizens wish to have represent us in any public position? Is he a good example for future board members? Is he a good role model for the youth to emulate?

It is past time that he resign, be fired or be replaced.

He said, “I cannot, and I will not be intimidated or threatened by anyone. I’m here to make sure the election process continues in a legal, fair and honest way.”

After having shown his true character and what consumes his time, I would not trust the legality, the fairness or the honesty of his actions as secretary of the Electoral Board.

It is easy to claim the email was accidentally sent. Who believes that? And why was the same email also sent to his fellow board member, Mr. Carpenter? That’s strange.

Intimidation and threats come in many ways. It is easy for some people to threaten or intimidate others and think nothing of it. Yet they think nothing is wrong if they use ulterior motives, false statements and even go to extreme lengths to make a case.

Evaluations depend greatly upon the individuals doing the evaluations, as well as the circumstances surrounding the person, object or situation that is being evaluated.

Let us not risk being embarrassed again by the same person. I don’t believe the citizens of our city deserve the publicity of such immature and thoughtless acts, nor would we be comfortable with Mr. Sylvia in the same position any longer.

Ruby H. Walden