Accents of autumn can make your home beautiful

Published 9:23 pm Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stores are full of autumn decorations to make your home season-ready, but if you’re decorating on a dime, you can collect or grow your decorations.

Autumn leaf wreath

Gather a combination of large and small leaves in a combination of colors. Hot glue the leaves in an overlapping pattern to a raffia or foam leaf form. For extra security, place florist’s pins at the base of the larger leaves. If you are hanging the wreath on your door, add a raffia or corn husk bow at the top. If you lay the wreath flat, add tall and short candles to the middle for a lovely centerpiece.

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An Indian corn candle centerpiece

Wrap a round candle with small Indian corn ears, available at most farmers’ markets or supermarkets. Place them vertically along the sides of the candle. For safety reasons, remove the husks or arrange with the husks on the bottom as an additional accent around the base of the candle. Tie the ears to the candle with raffia.

Branch centerpiece

Select some relatively straight branches with bright leaves. Wrap the bottom of the branches in grape vines. Place in a large vase. Depending on the height of the branches, you can also place the arrangement on the floor in the foyer or fireplace hearth to add warmth.

Autumn baskets

Line baskets with fall leaves. Add pine cones, nuts, apples or mini pumpkins. Finish with a large candle in the middle. Place around the house.

Corn stalk porch lights

If you have access to bushel baskets made for apples, place tall corn stalks in the middle and add leaves to fill the basket and keep the stalks upright. Add small pumpkins around the base of the stalks. String clear Christmas lights around the stalks. This idea will light your front porch to welcome Halloween or holiday visitors.