Bringing autumn indoors

Published 9:22 pm Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrap a round candle with small Indian corn ears, available at most farmers’ markets or supermarkets. Finish the look by tying the ears in place with raffia.

With days getting chillier and wetter, it’s nearly time to move your entertaining back indoors and off the porch.

Whether it’s for your own family’s enjoyment or for the benefit of your guests, there are plenty of decorating ideas to ensure your home will be as ready for fall as you are.

One of the biggest bangs for your buck is to grab a couple candles in warm scents, such as vanilla, pumpkin spice or spiced apple. Before someone even enters a room, they can smell fall coming.

To make a good first impression, bales of hay, the seasonal favorite pumpkins and gourds, Indian corn or a nature inspired wreath can put a little seasonal flavor to your porch area.

A favorite seasonal outdoor décor of Alison Dodson Anderson’s, owner of A. Dodson’s, is to make ornamental cabbage balls.

“The animals would eat mine, but I’ve always wanted to make these,” Anderson said. “You can take a ornamental cabbage, put it in a spherical hanging pot and string lights through it. It creates a great fall ball that is just dazzling.”

You can bring fall indoors by assembling candle platters, autumn baskets or centerpieces with pinecones, acorns, leaves, branches, gourds or berries. Any of the acorns, berries and branches used in fall décor can also be easily transitioned to winter with a little flocking or glitter.

While they won’t last until Christmas, Anderson recommends foiling or glittering pumpkins to add a bit of pizzazz to any room — or even put them outdoors.

“They don’t have to be traditional pumpkins,” Anderson said. “You just wrap them in foil and paint them in vibrant colors. You can coat that in glitter or just put glitter all over a pumpkin by itself. I put them all throughout my entire garden, and they’ll keep through Thanksgiving.”

A great centerpiece item can be a large, knobby branch surrounded by other seasonal décor. Anderson hung hers from the ceiling and dressed it up for Halloween by spraying it with an insulating foam sealant, followed by a coat of black spray paint and then a coat of glitter spray. She then hung glitter flies and skeletons from the branches.

If you’re looking to add more to a room than just a few decoration items, think of changing out lampshades and throw pillows to a deeper autumn color that works with the rest of your palette.

This fall is like most others when it comes to color palettes. Burnt orange, gold, bronze, deep reds, plum and browns are the usual favorites, but “chocolate brown is like the new black,” Anderson said.

The color can easily transition to winter, which will be just around the corner.

“We’re seeing lots of candy, snowmen and penguins, globes, pearls, flocking and old world, vintage Christmas times,” Anderson said.