Land transfers for Oct. 1 – 15

Published 8:54 pm Saturday, October 16, 2010

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

October 1 to October 15

Blue Sky Timber Properties LLC to Seven States Timberlands LLC; 291 acres in Cypress Borough; $568,200


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Sustainable Forests LLC to Seven States Timberlands LLC; 1,287.52 in Whaleyville Borough; $6,083,797

Michael A. Joyner to Mary E. Goodman; 1304 Emma Ave.; $200,000

Barnett G. Harden Jr. to Fore Investments LLC; 205-207 Finney Ave.; $118,500

Fannie Mae to Shelly L. Knight; 336 E. Pinner Street; $87,000

JSN LLC to O’Reilly Automotive Inc.; 1507 Holland Road; $425,000

Mark W. Adams to William Bruce Clanton; 123 Lakes Edge Drive; $320,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ashraf Amrou; 118 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $206,500

Jeffrey H. Washington to Jeff Aldrich; 6310 Sentry Way; $295,100

Nellie Maude Overman to Wayne Chellis; 346 Carolina Ave.; $22,000

Maryland Mandonia Jr. to Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Virginia; 2212 Alabama Ave.; $105,400

Terrence A. Tisby to HSBC Mortgage Corporation Inc.; 148 Stoney Ridge Ave.; $264,598.71

Samuel I. White to Secretary of Veterans Affairs of Washington D.C.; 1227 Woods Edge Circle; $199,500

Equity Trustees LLC to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; 144 Mallard Drive; $186,700

Sheila Warren to Macedonia AME Church trustees; 121 Pine St.; $28,500

HBES LLC to Timothy L. Livingston; 6037 Mainsail Lane; $265,400

Patricia A. Brooks to Harriett B. Naylor; 1713 Colonial Ave.; $242,000

MCQ Builders LLC-1 to Roy A. Lampe; 2554 Golden Maple Drive; $259,000

Robert P. Kropik to Duane Jerrod McGee; 6206 Amberly Circle; $254,600

Robert McClung to Jeffrey Allen Conran; 6834 Ivanhoe Court; $286,600

Erma Delores Fender to John H. Fender; 3673 Labrador Lane; $274,800

Fannie Mae to Patrick K. Reedy; 5057 Godwin Blvd.; $162,100

Equity Trustees LLC to Beneficial Financial I Inc.; 1104 Fern Lane; $265,100

Eure Real Estate Inc. to John Cummings; 610 Factory Street; $18,100

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to CTW Properties LLC; 2104 Vermont Ave.; $22,500

Terry Peterson Residential Thirty LLC to Barbara J. Hinton; 5119 Moreland St.; $199,500

U.S. Bank National Association to Jo L. Mason; 2813 E. Washington St.; $146,300

Joel A. Burdette to Todd R. Eiffert; 4741 Carolina Road; $285,500

Newport News Shipbuilding Employees Credit Union Inc. to Willie H. Gillus Jr.; 202 Goshawk Court; $412,800

Marshall Aaron Matthews to Thomas D. Lamb; 698 Turlington Road; $158,800

Carolyn Sue Ricketts to Anthony A. Hilker; 4002 Gunston Drive; $187,900

Samuel I. White to HSBC Bank USA National Association; 200 Wentworth Court; $550,000

Fannie Mae to Leslie A. Desenburg; 197 Squire Reach; $166,300

Jacqueline J. Elder to Gerald Anderson Jr.; Lot in Nansemond Borough; $21,300

J. Eure Properties Inc. to William R. White; 714 E. Washington St.; $90,000

Barnett G. Harden to J.M. Reynolds Enterprises LLC; 813 Ridley St.; $143,900

Tate Terrace Realty Investors Inc. to Curtis L. Poulson; 4008 Abercorn Drive; $248,200

Fannie Mae to Robert L. Stockdale; 565 Collins Road; $205,000

Marlene N. Orosco to City of Suffolk; 6234 Whaleyville Road; $280

Napolitano VII LLC to Joseph D. Hood; 416 Quaker Ridge Court; $395,455

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Federal National Mortgage Association; 4429 Whaleyville Blvd.; $258,900

Stephen T. Carter to Michelle Brown; 1010 Erin Drive; $371,700

George C. DeGraw III to CCJ LLC; 2913 Bridge Road; $1

Terry Peterson Residential Eleven LLC to Anthony S. Porter; 3236 Duke of Gloucester Drive; $261,235

Melanie J. Shortridge to Federal National Mortgage Association; 764 Greenway Road; $190,100

Melvin Pandlis to George E. Greco Jr.; 204 Saint Andres Drive; $330,900

Linda L. Jacobs to Peter C. Jackson LLC; 136 N. Division St.; $35,400

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee for Morgan Stanley Capital I Inc. Trust to CTW Properties LLC; 430 Culloden St.; $60,250

Timothy M. Humphrey, trustee, to CenterPoint Properties Trust; 2400 Holland Road; $1,300,000

CenterPoint Properties Trust to Timothy M. Humphrey, trustee; Kenyon Road; $77,400

Jeffrey W. Bolton to Rashid I. Hicks; 201 Rockwood Place; $224,000

PTR Investments Inc. to Nancy R. Pierson; 1103 Custis Road; $135,000

Samuel I. White to Wells Fargo Bank; 204 Pond Lane; $163,600

John D. Eure Jr. special commissioner to B&J Building Inc.; 6216 Old Townpoint Road; $37,500

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to J&J Ventures LLC; 281 Wexford Drive; $166,600

Vivian Lee Gurganus to Luke Willette; 1 acre at Deerpath Road; $2,500

Vivian Lee Gurganus to Luke Willette; 1 acre on Rt. 610; $3,000

Professional Foreclosure Corporation of Virginia to Branch Banking and Trust Company; 5058 Mineral Spring Road; $455,300

Mark K. Cole to Cartus Financial Corporation; 5001 Shoal Creek Road; $469,000

Cartus Financial Corporation to Chad Stimson; 5001 Shoal Creek Road; $469,000

Kensington Park LLC. to Eric T. Smith; 262 Craftsman Circle; $185,400

HBES LLC to Daniel K. Dixon III; 6077 Mainsail Lane; $273,132

Christopher P. Schnedar to James E. Sharpe; 3347 Oyster Creek Drive; $375,200

Samuel I. White to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 319 N. 4th St.; $117,920

Samuel I. White to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 233 W. Wexford Drive; $164,175

Ellen Gatling to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 220 E. Pinner St.; $106,935