Salary increase shot down

Published 11:25 pm Friday, November 19, 2010

The city manager recently turned down a request by the electoral board to increase the deputy registrar’s salary by $4,000 for “exceptional performance.”

Selena Cuffee-Glenn received the correspondence in October from David Sylvia, secretary of the electoral board. He reported the board had hired a new registrar at a salary that is more than $6,000 less than the former registrar and asked approval to increase the deputy registrar’s salary.

Former registrar Sharon Thornhill was terminated in August, but replacement Susan Saunders did not begin work until October. B.J. Lawrence, the deputy registrar, fulfilled the duties in the interim.

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Despite available funds, Cuffee-Glenn shot down Sylvia’s request with a response mailed to Kenneth Carpenter, chairman of the electoral board.

“While I understand that available funds may exist within your budget to provide such an increase, such action would be inconsistent with the city’s compensation plan,” Cuffee-Glenn wrote. “As you are aware, the deputy registrar is a locally funded position and has received meritorious compensation increases consistent with all other positions included in the city compensation plan.”

Cuffee-Glenn went on to tell Carpenter that the city provides “consistent treatment” to all employees in the provision of merit increases.

“As such, I cannot approve your request received as it does not support the consistent practices noted above.”