Bringing the world’s food home

Published 10:44 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Living in Suffolk, it can be hard to satisfy one’s need for the flavors of other parts of the country, or other parts of the world for that matter. But thanks to the Internet, you can bring home the tastes of any region of the country or part of the world with just a few clicks.

Following are a few ideas about how to satisfy your craving for regional specialties, right from the comfort of home.

Taste of Chicago


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If you have ever been to Chicago and got a hankering for some its local favorites like Chicago-style hotdogs, Italian beef, or its world-famous deep-dish pizza, then go to On the website, you can order almost everything scrumptuous about the windy city, from Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizzas to Carson’s ribs.

There is even a Christmas page where you can order specialty items like Peppermint Cheesecake, also courtesy of Lou Malnati’s, as well as a festive touch Garrett’s special popcorn mix. Once ordered, any of these items and be packed and shipped to wherever you wish.

New York hot dogs

If you’re a New Yorker in Suffolk, or just a Suffolkian with a taste some for the world’s best hot dogs, visit You can purchase these all-beef franks in a variety of sizes and in bulk, if necessary.

But if you’re more of a fan of the hot dogs from the Papaya King, also well known for its New York hot dogs, just go to Their online store also offers the one-of-a-kind franks. After you contact the Papaya King about pricing, you’ll get that unique New York taste shipped right to you.

Alaska’s seafood

The colossal seafood found in Alaskan waters is not just for those along Prudhoe Bay. You can have the fresh, undeniable flavors of colossal King Crab, wild salmon, scallops and prawns sent to you by FedEx with the help of websites like

The site even offers special packages like a wild salmon trio that lets you sample Kalgin Island King, wild Alaska Coho, and wild sockeye salmon varieties in convenient deal.

Don’t let distance diminish your taste for your favorite foods. Search for just about any food you could desire and you’ll likely find that it’s only a few clicks away.