Ministry helps those in need

Published 6:44 pm Friday, January 21, 2011

The Rev. Elnora Grant is beginning a ministry to help fulfill needs for people in the community. She has helped people get dentures and find repairmen for appliances.

If you can fix a broken washing machine, the Rev. Elnora Grant would like to speak with you.

Grant is heading up a new ministry to help connect people in need with other people who have the needed resources.

“I call it a hand-up ministry,” she said.


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Indeed, her new project is called Grant’s Christian Hand-Up Ministry. It’s not entirely new, however.

“I’ve kind of been doing it all my adult life,” she said. “I want to share the things I do have.”

Grant has helped people get dentures and furniture. She even helped one woman get her hot water heater fixed.

When people in need call Grant, she turns to her network of family, church friends and others to find a way to fill the need. When she can’t find anyone, she contacts a business.

“I encourage people that have businesses to volunteer their services at least once in a lifetime,” Grant said.

She also offers spiritual counseling to those in need of it.

“A lot of people know what to do,” she said. “They just need to be guided in the right direction.”

Grant said many older people are not able to access help because they are not willing to give out personal information.

“They just don’t want to divulge their income to see if you qualify for certain things,” Grant said.

She is working on getting a 501(c)(3) approval so that people who donate materials and services can get a material benefit as well as the emotional benefit that comes with giving.

“It’s going to benefit those in need,” Grant said.

To contact Grant, call 934-8497.