An award well deserved

Published 7:13 pm Saturday, March 12, 2011

Young people throughout the centuries have gained an unfortunate reputation for rashness, thoughtlessness and selfishness from their elders.

This reputation is most often blamed on the generation gap or the stages of brain development children go through, which are only relatively recently beginning to be fully understood.

It’s no surprise that only a minuscule segment of the youth population actually lives up to this reputation. The vast majority are mostly well-behaved and thoughtful children who only need guidance and a healthy dose of time to develop into equally well-behaved and thoughtful adults.


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Such is the case with one local fifth-grader, although she’s soaring above her peers.

Aliyyah Copeland, a Southwestern Elementary School student, recently was selected as the AAA Tidewater Virginia 2010-2011 School Safety Patroller of the Year.

Aliyyah’s duties include opening doors for younger students in the mornings, ensuring they abstain from running in the hallways during the school day and helping them get on their buses safely at the end of the day.

For her dedication and careful attention to her job, Aliyyah was honored by the auto club after she was nominated by a staff member at the school.

“Not only does she know her job, but the kids look up to her,” said one AAA employee.

Aliyyah already is setting an example in her school through her work ethic and dedication to keeping everyone safe. Doubtless she will continue setting a fine example wherever she goes.