Picking the right shed for you

Published 7:37 pm Thursday, March 24, 2011

Darren Cochran, manager of Stateline Builders, stands in front of flowerboxes on the outside of one of the sheds.

Sheds today come in a number of different designs, sizes and colors. How do you find the right one for you?

Most people opt to purchase sheds when their garages are full, said Darren Cochran, manager of Stateline Builders on Holland Road.

“I hear that everyday,” he said.


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People begin to realize it’s time to purchase a shed when their garage is full and there is no room for their car or lawn mower, or when there is no additional storage space for items in their homes.

“Space is the main reason why we sell what we sell,” he said.

But there is more involved in purchasing a shed than just making the initial decision that a shed is needed.

When purchasing a shed, it is important to consider what you are going to use it for. That will help you determine where you want to place the shed on your lot and also the size of the shed.

He said that not everyone uses sheds for storage space. He said that he has had customers purchase sheds to use for beauty salons, office space, hunting cabins, a painting studio and a sound room.

“You can use them for anything,” he said. “Just because they are storage sheds doesn’t mean you have to use them for that.”

It is also important to determine where you can put the shed and what size shed you can have in your yard. Sometimes when you have a small yard, that decision is made for you, he said.

If you are not sure what size shed you need, Cochran suggests measuring out the dimensions you believe you will need and placing all of the items you would like to place in the shed within that space. If everything fits in that space, then you know that is the right size shed for you. If not, you should measure to determine how much space you need.

The next stop in the process is to choose the look of your shed, Cochran said.

You can choose from a multitude of different colors and types of siding, windows, doors, shutters and more. You could opt to purchase a shed with window boxes for flowers, a ramp, loft space for storage, additional vents and other amenities.

“There are a lot of things that dictate what kind of shed you can have,” he said.

With homeowners’ associations and the desire to make your home look nice, it is important to consider the outward appearance of the shed. Many people also don’t want to purchase a shed that will block their view of something scenic in the yard or behind the yard, like the water.

A site check can help the customer determine if it is feasible to put a shed in a particular place.

“As long as the hole is bigger than the building, we can pretty much put it where you want to,” he said.