No more White Pages

Published 9:41 pm Saturday, June 11, 2011

Suffolk residents will find something missing when they receive their next phone book delivery.

SuperMedia said on Friday it will stop publishing residential listings for Suffolk, though it will continue to publish business listings by name and type of business.


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“Not printing the residential White Pages is a cost savings for us,” said Andrew Shane, a spokesman for SuperMedia, which publishes the phone book.

When the next phone book is printed, it will come with instructions on how to get the residential listings, Shane said. They will be available in printed form or on a CD by request only.

“We’ve looked at research that had been done,” Shane said. “Folks don’t seem to be grabbing the residential White Pages as much as they had been.”

Shane attributed the changes to more people using cellphones as their primary phone, rather than home landlines, and to the growing number of people who do not want to be listed in the phone book.

In addition, SuperMedia makes its money on advertising for businesses, so there is no opportunity to make money in the residential listings.

“It made good sense to move forward with stopping the residential White Pages,” Shane said. “We’re in business to advertise for small businesses.”

Shane added that phone book publishers across the country are seeking permission to cease publishing the residential listings. Verizon’s request to end the publication was approved last month.

“Lots of different publishers are doing the same thing in markets they serve,” Shane said.