Land transfers for July 15-21

Published 3:15 pm Saturday, July 23, 2011

NOTE: The dollar amount does not necessarily reflect the purchase price. In some cases, it is the assessed value of the property.

July 15-21

Legacy Highland Green LLC to Nicholas Antione Grier; 3008 Silver Charm Circle; $259,000

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Smith D. Ambrose to Brian P. Mouton; 225 Great Fork Road; $195,000

Clayton Scott Preble to Jacob Brandon; 218 Holbrook Arch; $263,900

Equity Trustees LLC to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association; 236 N. Liberty Spring Road; $167,600

ALG Trustee LLC to U.S. Bank; 1003 Windward Lane; $710,700

William L. Pittman Molinda N. Chartrand; 1521 Woodspath Lane; $402,200

Kyle H. Mallas to David J. Willis; 1776 Mill Wood Way; $417,700

Jessie Sara Glasser to Terrypeterson Residential Thirty-One LLC; 107 Sharpe Drive; $352,972

Brittany Joyce Hogmire to Joseph E. Walters; 5509 Holly Road; $162,600

Mark Croston to Quinton C. Barnes; 1757 Mill Wood Way; $381,400

Exeter LLC to Matthew D. Myers; 301 Bridlewood Lane; $444,455.70

Daniel Lee Weaver to Albert L. White Jr.; 306 Pebble Creek Drive; $236,200

Blaine Jackson to Emily M. Klohn; 141 Chappell Drive; $116,500

Gai Julien to Sarah E. Diaz; 205 Cantor St.; $242,00

Barry E. Hathaway to David Barnes; 1711 Colonial Ave.; $239,900

Scott D. Holmes to Giovanni G. Govia; 226 Waterwood Way; $274,000

Melissa Cross to Robert C. Benton II; 118 Cove Point Drive; $394,000

Ronald Brian Kelch to Michael Edward Group; 101 Avery Court; $255,100

Treva N. Stokes to Morris E. Williams Jr.; 216 W. Wexford Drive; $130,500

Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Janice T. Harden; 508 Causey Ave.; $64,100

Fannie Mae to John H. Outland; 846 Craig Drive; $302,700

Milton W. Langston to Marjorie C. Hendrick; 8169 Whaleyville Blvd.; $54,500

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Suntrust Mortgage Inc.; 180 E. Wexford Drive; $153,600

Robert E. Leitner Jr. to David A. Michael Jr.; 1109 Bethlehem St.; $10,000

Curtis Frank Wright to Bobby C. Bunch; 1001 B Lummis Road; $350,000

Challis L. Purrington Sr. to A-One Properties LLC; Lot on Bullock Street; $6,000

Challis L. Purrington Sr. to James H. Durden Jr.; $18,000

William F. Plaunty to William F. Laforest; 9169 S. Quay Road; $180,000

Castleberry to Paul F. Garcia; 102 Prescott Court; $270,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Florentino D. Singson Jr.; 1010 Hillpoint Road; $291,900