Council spends leftover money

Published 11:58 pm Friday, September 9, 2011

City Council on Wednesday voted to spend about $1.9 million left over from various capital projects on more capital projects.

City staff proposed spending the money for a variety of projects, including roadway and drainage improvements in several communities and an updated cost estimate for railway quiet zones.

Other projects will include additions to the fire and police facility on Bridge Road.

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Those improvements would include a four-bay equipment storage building for specialized public safety equipment that currently is exposed to the elements, such as a mobile command bus, boats and trailers, a SWAT truck and a fire rehab vehicle.

The impound lot also is needed to provide more security for cars seized for evidence. Additional parking also is needed for staff at the facility, Police Chief Thomas Bennett said last month.

Other improvements would include a special events shelter and stage behind the Visitor Center. It would cost about $200,000 and be a location for the farmers’ market, Grand Illumination that kicks off the Christmas season, and more.

In the same move, City Council ended efforts to build an emergency access road to the Hollywood neighborhood and a multi-use trail in the Eclipse community, saying both projects are becoming too expensive because of certain hardships.

Wetlands were discovered in the path of the Hollywood road, staff reported last month. And building the Eclipse trail likely would require expensive condemnation proceedings.

Since the motion was on the consent agenda, there was no discussion of it.

In other business, City Council overturned a Historic Landmarks Commission decision to deny the request of a property owner on Grace Street to put architectural grade shingles on his roof. He now is able to do so.