Hillpoint Elementary School bus routes

Published 8:06 pm Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Suffolk News-Herald will publish bus routes daily through Saturday. Schools will be listed in alphabetical order to give readers an idea of when to expect to see their particular school.

These routes will also be revised regularly during the first month of school as new students enroll, students change zones, etc.

An “X” means the bus stop is located at the intersection of the two streets. For example, Smith X Wellons means the stop is at the corner of Smith and Wellons.


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Students should arrive at least five minutes before scheduled stop time, particularly as the routes are adjusted and fluctuate based on who rides the bus on any given day.

If have questions about bus stop locations, email the director of transportation, Lonnie Reavis, at lonniereavis@spsk12.net.


Hillpoint Elementary

Route 1

Cannon St X Kilby Ave 8:06

Hull St X Kilby Ave

Brook Ave X Hull St

925 Brook Ave

Hull St X Battery Ave

Hull St X Ashley Ave

Cannon St X Ashley Ave

Cannon St X Battery Ave

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:29


Route 2

S Saratoga St X Boat St 8:05

Granby St X Boat St

306 Brook Ave

Reno St X Brook Ave

Reno St X Nevada St

S Saratoga St X Wellons St

Wellons St X Ashley Ave

St James Ave X Mason Ave

Linden Ave X Mason Ave

Mason Ave X S Broad St

Tradd St X Ashley Ave

Ashley Ave X Causey Ave

Tradd St X Battery Ave

Tradd St X Brook Ave

Linden Ave X Kilby Ave

Linden Ave X Brook Ave

Battery AVe X Linden Ave

Linden Ave X Ashley Ave

Brook Ave X Wellons St

Wellons St X Kilby Ave

Duke St X Kilby Ave

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:29


Route 3

Railroad Ave W X Wellons St 8:07

Wellons St X Wilson St

Wellons St X Smith St

Lee St X Smith St

Smith St X S Saratoga

Jackson St X S Saratoga St

Jackson St X Charles St

Lee St X Jackson St

W Washington St X Lee St

432 W Washington St

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:29


Route 4

Holladay St X Central Ave 8:01

Eugenia St X Central Ave

Pinner St X Central Ave

Hill St X Central Ave

2769 Godwin Blvd

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:20


Route 5

N Main St X Oakdale Ter 8:00

Holladay St X Finney Ave

Holladay St X Bank St

Pinner St X Bank St

Bank St X Franklin St

Grace St X Bank St

Grace St X Pearl St

Finney Ave X Pinner St

Hill St X Finney Ave

Main Street Daycare

N Main St X N Main St

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:30


Route 6

3024 Godwin Blvd 8:12

Red Top Ct X Godwin Blvd

Snead Dr X Hillpoint Blvd

Snead Dr X Player Ct

Brookline Dr X Snead Dr

Middlecoff Ln X Snead Dr

River Inlet Rd X Niblick Cir

Niblick Cir X River Inlet Rd

River Inlet Rd X Tee Box Ln

Birdie Dr X River Inlet Rd

108 Birdie Dr

Birdie Dr X Hillpoint Blvd

Melrose Ct X Cheriton Ln

Gunston Dr X Melrose Ct

Gunston Dr X Strata Ct

Hillpoint Blvd X Gunston Dr

Tee Box Ln X Hillpoint Blvd X Brookline Dr

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:29


Route 7

Burnetts Way X Hopemont Ln 8:12

Burnetts Way X Poplar Grove Cres

Poplar Grove Cres X Abingdon Cir

Timberneck Arch X Abingdon Cir

Burnetts Way X Timberneck Arch

Burnetts Way X Mallard Dr

Mallard Dr X Widgeon Ct

Mallard Dr X Teal Ct

Wood Duck Ct X Mallard Dr

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:29


Route 8

Ruby Ct X Jonathans Way X Jefferis Ct 8:11

Emerald Ct X Jonathans Way X Kinnards Ct

Jonathans Way X Fallawater Way

Chenango Ct X Fallawater Way X Chenango Cres

Festival Ct X Fallawater Way

Fallawater Way X Dutchland Trl

Benham Ct X Fallawater Way

Fallawater Way X Mcintosh Ct

Jonathans Way X Dutchland Trl

Jonathans Way X Russett Ct

Pippin Dr X Jonathans Way

Jonathans Way X Cortland Ct

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:30


Route 9

Hillpoint Rd X Bogie Dr 8:12

Hillpoint Rd X Lakes Edge Dr

Hillpoint Rd X Mistral Ter

Mistral Ter X Camel Back Ct

Mistral Ter X Ruger Ct

Mistral Ter X Carriage House Dr

Carriage House Dr X Snire Arch

Lakes Edge Dr X Mistral Ter

Chapel Hill Ct X Lakes Edge Dr

Highfield Rd X Lakes Edge Dr

Lakes Edge Dr X Trapfalls Ct

Highfield Rd X Integra Ct

Highfield Rd X Pecks Mill Ct

Highfield Rd X Windsor Ct

Highfield Rd X Newtown Ct

Hillpoint Blvd X Hillpoint Rd

Cross Landing Dr X Adderly Pl

River Watch Dr X Adderly Pl

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:30


Route 10

Burnetts Ct X Burnetts Way 8:16

Kristen Ln X Elmington Way

Kristen Ln X Toddsbury Ct

Kristen Ln X White Hall Arch

Kristen Ln X Eagle Point Cres

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:30


Route 11

2361 Godwin Blvd 8:09

2332 Godwin Blvd

2364 Godwin Blvd

2368 Godwin Blvd

2380 Godwin Blvd

2384 Godwin Blvd

Riverwood Trce X Waterwood Way

Waterwood Way X Misty Ridge Ln

Arbor Bluff Cove X Misty Ridge Ln

Water Pointe Way X Morning Tide Cove

2448 Godwin Blvd

2802 Godwin Blvd

601 Hillpoint Blvd

Meadows Reach Cir X Hillpoint Blvd

Gunston Dr X Hillpoint Blvd X Barka Dr

Barka Dr X Meadows Ct X Willow Ridge Ct

Hillpoint Elementary School 8:30