Student’s fingertip severed at school

Published 10:02 pm Monday, November 5, 2012

A student from Forest Glen Middle School will undergo plastic surgery after losing the tip of one of her fingers during keyboarding class Friday.

The accident occurred after the sixth-grader “put her fingers in the hinge part of the doorjamb” about 1:15 p.m., school district spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw wrote in an email.

The girl had rolled her chair to open the door for a student returning from the office and placed her fingers inside the doorframe to push back to her original location.


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The returning student “closed the door not knowing the girls’ fingers were in the way,” Bradshaw stated.

With the tip of the ring finger on her left hand cut off — a portion “(a) little less than the size of her fingernail” — the injured girl ran from the classroom to the nurse’s office.

The nurse was able to get the bleeding “under control,” Bradshaw continued, and the severed tip of the finger was located, brought to the nurse put on ice, and, along with the nurse, accompanied the girl in an ambulance to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.

The accident resulted in a Code Yellow at the school, with no one allowed to leave their rooms and only designated people allowed in the hall.

The code was called “to keep other students from coming (to) the nurse’s station during the incident, to keep the front office and nurse’s station clear for the ambulance staff to come in and out, and to allow custodians time to clean up the hallways” of some blood drips, Bradshaw wrote.

The girl’s parents met her at the hospital, Bradshaw wrote. According to her family, the fingertip will not be reattached and her injured finger will be repaired with plastic surgery, Bradshaw added.

“The girl returned to school today with her entire left hand bandaged,” she wrote.