Time to find replacements

Published 10:38 pm Thursday, February 7, 2013

To the editor:

I am ashamed and disappointed about Suffolk City Council’s actions last month.

As Suffolkians, we know it’s our privilege to vote. We also know, after the election, it’s our duty to remain involved. For the most part, we have done just that — by writing, calling and speaking to the City Council when circumstances called for it.


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However, we ought to remember the record of this council.

Remember when we said recycling fees were too high and would place a burden on our families? This council responded by ignoring us and approved what can only be called a tax of $204 on each household in the city. Indeed, a full accounting of those funds has yet to be made to the citizens of Suffolk.

Remember when we asked for redevelopment in the old downtown area and less development in the villages? This council ignored us, remained silent as businesses were shuttered on Main Street and then championed miles of warehouses on Route 58 headed toward Holland.

Remember when we said no to bloated salaries and benefits packages for top members of the administration? This council ignored us again and used dishonest and shameful tactics to avoid a public defeat.

We can demand ethical leadership in the upcoming election. It is not too early for our community groups to organize around competent and energetic candidates to replace the legacy councilmen sitting here.

It is not too early to find folks who treat citizens like customers, not a meal ticket. It is not too early to find folks who think actions are as important as words. Yes, even folks who are willing to place the greater good above personal gain.

Given this council’s track record, we can easily find quality replacements.

Kerry Holmes